Steel Dragons Motorcycle Club, INC.




Article I


Section 1. Club Proprietorship


a. The Steel dragons MC, Inc. LLC, a non profit organization,

                is a dually owned and operated by Marlene K. and Alexandra P.

                                               and will retain absolute at all times authority on all Club policy, business and direction.



Section 2.  Board of Directors


a. The Steel Dragons Board of Directors will be responsible for the

daily management of all Club business and operations.











Article I


Section 1.     The name of the Club/Organization shall be:








Article II


Section 1.    Steel Dragons Motorcycle Club Mission Statement


a. To establish a women's motorcycle organization dedicated to

    promoting strength and unity among all women riders.




Article III


Section 1.   Steel Dragons Motorcycle Club Guiding Principles


a. Respect and dignity of oneself and towards others is fundamental.


b. Recognizing that diversity is essential for progress.


c. Promote a positive role for women in motorcycling.



Section 2.    Steel Dragons Motorcycle Club Commitment


a. Promote safety is all areas of motorcycling.


b. Participate in programs and events that promote a positive

    and respectful image of woman in motorcycling.


c. Encourage motorcycle education and participation in skills courses.


d. Recognize that fiscal responsibility is essential for the Club's

    continuity and growth





Steel Dragons Motorcycle Club, Inc.




Article I


Club Membership



Section 1.    The Club shall have two classes of membership: Full Membership and

Honorary Membership.



Section 2.     Eligibility for Membership

The following requirements must be met in order for an individual to be

eligible for Full Club membership:


a)     Full Membership.


i)     Any female who is 21 years of age or older;

ii)    A female motorcyclist with a valid motorcycle license;

         iii)   Subscribes to the Constitution and Articles contained within

        the following pages of the Steel Dragons MC Bylaws.                                                       


 b)   Honorary Membership.


  i) Any Female who is 21 years of age or older who is recognized

      by the Club to have exemplified the Club's Guiding Principles  

       and Commitment to Women in Motorcycling.                                  

ii)    Subscribes to the Constitution and Articles contained within

        the following pages of the Steel Dragons MC Bylaws;

iii)  Nominated by a Full Member in Good Standing.


Section 3.      Requirements for Admission to Membership


  a)    Full members.  Club applicants meeting the requirements described in

Article I, Section 2 of these Bylaws will be eligible for membership

vote as per Article III, Section 4, when they have completed the



  i)     Complete a Club Membership application;

ii)    Attend three (3) regular Club meetings, two (2) of which must be


iii)   Attend three (3) Club rides;

iv)  Complete and Pass a Basic Motorcycle Safety Foundation approved



b)    Honorary Membership


i)   Complete a Club Membership application;

ii)   Attend three (3) regular Club meetings, two (2) of which must be


iii)  Attend three (3) Club rides;

iv)  Be nominated by a Full Member in Good Standing;

v)   Admission of Honorary Members is at the sole discretion

      of the Club Proprietors.



c)    Probationary Period


i)   Admission to the Steel Dragons MC is subject to a

     120 day probationary period. This probationary period commences at the

     time the individual attends their first Club meeting and completes

     a Club membership application. One hundred twenty (120) days must elapse

     before the applicant is eligible for a Membership vote

    (Article III, Section 4) and completion of the requirements for

Membership (Article I, Section 3).


ii)   Applicants have a period of one (1) year from application date to

complete the requirements for admission to membership.

If membership requirements have not been completed in the allotted

time frame, the applicant must re-apply for membership as per

Article I, Section 3.



Section 4.      Dues and Fees


a)   Annual Club dues will be payable at the June meeting to the

Club Treasurer;

b)   Club dues are set forth at the start of the Club's fiscal year;

c)   Club dues are non-refundable;

d)   Members joining after June 30th will have their dues

pro-rated for the remaining Club fiscal year;

e)   Dues received after June 30th will be subject to a $10 reinstatement fee;

f)    Dues not received by July 31st will terminate Club Membership and the

individual will be required to reapply for Club Membership as per

Article I, Section 3;

g)   Club dues may only be changed by amending the Club Bylaws

as per Article IV, Section 3.



Section 5.  Term of Membership


a)   The Term of Membership shall be June 1st through May 31st of the

Club fiscal year.


Section 6.   Membership Number


a)    There will be no limit to the number of Club members at anytime.


Section 7.    Club Colors


a) The Club insignia/logo is described as a right facing grey winged

Dragon inside a black background circle with the words

"STEEL DRAGONS" at the top of the patch and "MOTORCYCLE

CLUB" at the base of the patch, both in white letterings on a red



b)  The Steel Dragons Motorcycle Club "colors" are defined as the

embroidered Club design displayed on the back and center

of a leather (or cloth) light grey vest.


c)    The Club colors (Club patch on vest) may only be worn at Club

approved events. Approved events are listed on the Club's web site.


d)   Any articles of clothing (excluding the Club patch on the vest)

bearing the Club logo may be worn at a Club Member's

discretion and in accordance with the Club Principals

as stated in Article III, Section 1 of the Club's Constitution.



Section 8.     Non-Liability of Club Members


a) At no time will any Club Member be personally responsible for any Club

incurred debts, obligations or liabilities.



Section 9.  Maintenance of Club Membership


a) Club Members will be required to maintain their Club Membership

by adhering to the following:


i)      Payment of Dues as per Article I, Section 4;

ii)   Abiding by the provisions of the Club's Bylaw's;

iii)    Attends four (4) meetings during the Club's fiscal year;

iv)    Attends at least two (2) Club sanctioned rides during the Club's

fiscal year;


Section 10.    Member in Good Standing


a)  A "member in good standing" is a member who abides by the Club's

Principles and Bylaws.


Section 11.    Warnings


a) Written and/or Verbal warnings will be issued to a member whose actions violate the Club Principles, as per Article III Section 1 of the Club's Constitution;


b) Written and/or Verbal warnings will be limited to one for a specific violation of the Club's Principles. If a Club member acts in a manner that requires a second warning, the Club member will be terminated, effective immediately.



Section 12.    Termination of Membership


a)   A Club member states, in writing, their intent to resign

from the Club and submits their request to the Club Secretary;


b)  Club Membership will be terminated for the following actions:


i)   A Club member fails to pay the annual Club dues as per

Article I, Section 4;


ii) A Club member conducts themselves in a manner that is contrary to the

Club's Principles as per Article III, Section 1 of the Club's Constitution;



iii)  A Club member fails to meet the Club Maintenance guidelines

as per Article I, Section 9;


c)  The Club Secretary will notify the member in writing for the

basis for termination.



Section 13.    Grievances and Hearings


a)  If  a Club member has been notified of their termination as per

Article I, Section 11c, they have the right to present their

case within thirty (30) days after notification by the Club's Secretary;



b)  The Grievance Committee will consist of Club's Board of Directors and

be presided over by the Sargent at Arms.


c)   The hearing will follow Robert's Rules of Order, Second Edition,

Chapter 15, pages 209-218.


Section 14.   Privacy Policy


a) Privacy and personal information of all Steel Dragons Motorcycle Club INC (SDMC)

members'  is of the upmost importance. The SDMC will never disclose nor share any

membership information for any commercial purposes. Information will only be disclosed when legally required to do so. Any members personal information provided on the membership application will never be published or stored on the Club's website.


b) Club members' name, address, applicable phone numbers and email will only be available on the "Member's Only" data sheet which will be limited to active Club members. Any articles written or photographs published on the Club's website become property of the Steel Dragons MC INC. Identifying information of the member who has provided the article and/or photo will not be published unless the member has given written permission to do so. In the event that the member wishes to be credited for the article and/or photo, then only the members' name and last initial will be provided.



Section 15.  Safety


a) The Steel Dragons MC Inc. has a ZERO tolerance policy for the consumption of ANY substance that impairs the ability of one to ride in a safe manner. For the SAFETY of all, ANY Club member, Passenger or Guest who presents (or consumes during a ride) a substance that may affect their ability to ride in a safe manner, will NOT be permitted to ride or continue to ride with the Club at this time.







                                                            Article II


                                                  Board of Directors


Section 1.    Board Of Directors


a)   The Board of Directors of the Steel Dragons Motorcycle Club, Inc.

shall be:


i)   President

ii)  Vice President

iii) Secretary/Treasurer

iv) Membership/Road Captain

v)  Sargent at Arms


Section 2.   Board of Director Eligibility


a)  A Club Member may be eligible for a Club Board Member position after

one (1) Club fiscal year of  membership;


b)  A nominee for the position of President is required to have held a Board

position for at least one (1) year within the previous two (2) years prior

to the nomination


c)  Requirements for the nominee for the position of Road Captain are:

i) a Club member for a minimum of one (1) Club fiscal year;

ii) a minimum of three (3) years riding experience;

iii) completed and passed an Experienced Rider Course (ERC) within

two (2) years.


Section 3.    Board of Director Nominations

a) Board member nominations for the ensuing election year will be accepted no later than March 31st of that election year;

b) All nominees must meet the requirements as stated in Article III

Section 2a-c;

c) Eligible nominees who are unable to attend the March meeting when

nominations are accepted must email their intention for the Board

position to the President. Notification to any other Board member will

not be accepted.

Section 4.    Board of Director Elections

a) All Board position elections will be held during the April meeting of

the election year;

b) All voting will be closed ballot as per Article III, Section 4b;

c) In the event that a nominee is unable to fulfill said Board position at

the time of elections, a motion will be made to nominate another eligible

member. Voting will follow guidelines as per Article III, Section 4b.


Section 5.    Board of Directors Duties


a)  President


i) The President shall be the primary representative for the Club;


ii) The President shall decide what promotions and/or media the Club

will participate in;


iii) The President shall preside at all Club and Board meetings;


iv)  Shall format the Club and quarterly Board meeting agendas;



b)  Vice President

i)  Assist with the duties of the President when called to do so;

ii) Assume the duties of the President in the event that the President is unable

to perform her duties due to absence, illness or death.


c)  Secretary/Treasurer

i) Shall keep all Club correspondence in a written and organized format

including but not limited to, Club Bank account statements, AMA Charter

certificates and renewal forms, AMA District II meeting minutes and

receipt for AMA annual dues, draft and receipt for annual ad in AMA

District II book (if applicable), all website information;

ii) Shall record the Club's monthly meeting minutes and send to all Club

Members via electronic mail;

iii) Provide all Board members with current Club organizational information;

iv) Shall notify Club members of meetings and/or pertinent Club

information via electronic mail;

v) Is authorized to (and expeditiously) disperse Club funds after Board


vi) Shall collect Club dues and all monies owed to the Club and deposit

those monies into the Club bank account;

vii)  Responsible for annual filing with the State of NJ and IRS;

viii)  Shall report all Club financial deposits and payments at every Club

meeting and to Board Members when requested to do so;

ix)  Shall be responsible for Club patch and Club accessories ordering and



d)  Membership/Road Captain

i) Shall maintain and provide Club members a current list of all

members contact information that will include members address, telephone

(home/cell), e-mail address and date of membership;


ii) Shall maintain all membership applications, including date of MSF Basic or

Experience Rider course completion, record of Club requirement's as per

Article I, Section 3a, emergency contacts and reason for membership

termination (if applicable);

iii) Be a Club member for at least one Club fiscal year, have at least 3 years

riding experience and have completed and passed an Experienced Rider

Course (ERC) within two (2) years;

iv)  Coordinate and lead* all sanctioned Club rides;

(*The Road Captain may designate, at her discretion, a Club Member as

the rides "lead");

v)  Conduct a pre-ride checklist prior to each Club ride. This checklist will

include but not limited to hand signals, group riding format, emergency

contact information for those participating on the ride, road and

weather conditions.

vi)  Complete a Ride Description form for Club files that includes, but not

limited to the planned ride's destination, departure location, date, time,

mileage, type of roads, associated fees and meal provisions; all Club

Members and Guests will be required to sign-in prior to the ride;

vii)  The Road Captain will be required to complete and pass an Experienced

Rider Course (ERC) every three (3) years in order to maintain her

Officer position.

e) Sargent at Arms

i) Shall be responsible for upholding the Club's Principle's as per

Article III, Section 1a-c;

ii) Shall be responsible for resolving any conflicts among Club members;

iii) Shall be responsible for maintaining order at all Club meetings;

iv) Shall manage and oversee all Club elections;


Section 6.    Board of Directors Terms and Vacancies

a) All Board of Directors shall be Full Members in good standing;

b) All Board of Directors serve for two Club fiscal years and may serve

for more than one election term.

c) Any Board of Director position vacated during the Club fiscal year will be

resolved by calling for a motion to nominate an eligible Club member to

fill the vacant position and follow by closed ballot vote as per

Article III, Section 4b;


Section 7.    Removal from Office

a) A Board member may be removed from their position for the following


i) The Board member fails to perform their duties as outlined in the

Club Bylaws;

ii) The Board member acts in a manner detrimental to the reputation

and welfare of the Club;

b) The removal process will be conducted as follows:

i) A meeting of the Board of Directors, excluding the Board member in

question be called by the President (or Vice President if the President is the Board member in question);

ii) A determination will be made if a hearing is warranted by a quorum

of the Board of Directors;

iii) If a hearing is called, it will be conducted as per Robert's Rules of

Order, Second Edition, Chapter 15 pages 209 -218.


Article III

Fiscal Year, Meetings, Quorums and Voting


Section 1.   Club Fiscal Year

a) The Club fiscal year will be from June 1st through May 31st.


Section 2.  General Club and Directors Meetings

a) The Club members will meet once (1) per month to discuss Club

business/rides at a predetermined date/time/location;

b)  The Board of Directors will meet once (1) per Club fiscal quarter to

review present and future Club business.

c)   The Club Secretary will notify the Club and Board members of

meetings as per Article II, Section 5c-iv.


Section  3.       Quorums

a)  The Club's quorum for general voting will be defined as the majority of the

number of member's in attendance at the meeting where a vote is

presented to the Club membership for ratification.


Section 4.       Voting

a)  All general Club and Membership voting will be conducted by a show of


b)  Voting of Board of Director positions will be conducted via closed ballot;


Section 5.     Special Meetings

 a)  Special meetings may be called only by the Club President or Vice President in response to any event that may affect the welfare of  the Club or its' members.


                                      Article IV


      Committees, Non-Profit Status and Amendments


Section 1.   Committees


                 a) Committees may be appointed by the Club President ad hoc in response to

                         a specific need;


                    b) Committee members may be appointed by the President, random selection

                         or volunteerism;


                    c)  Standing committees may be created to address yearly events such as

                           but not limited to the Club's annual party/BBQ.


                    d) Committees may be dissolved by the President at any time or upon the

                         completion of the committee's purpose;



  Section 2.  Non-Profit Status


                   a)  The Steel Dragons MC shall be conducted as a not-for profit social



                   b)  At no time will an individual Member benefit financially from

                         the accumulation of dues or donations made to the Club.





  Section 3.   Amendments


                 a)  The President has the option as per Article IV, Section 1 to create an

                   ad hoc committee to revise and/or update the Club's Bylaws.


               b) Amendments to the Club's Constitution or Bylaws may be proposed

                      either by the Club's Board or by written proposal presented to the Club's



                 c) Any Amendments to the Club's constitution require final approval

                      from the Club proprietors.





                                                       Article V


                                            Order of Business


Section 1.    All general Club and Club Board meetings, the order of business will be

                        Conducted as follows:


                                 Call to Order (Sargent at Arms)

                                 Welcoming of Guests (Club meetings only)

                                 Election of New Members (Club meetings only)

                                 Officer's Reports

                                 Old Business

                                 New Business

                                 Close of Meeting


Section 2.  New Business


                   a) All New Business topics must be presented to a Club Officer no later than

                        three (3) days prior to a monthly Club or quarterly Board meeting.                    


                                  Article VI



Section 1.   Dissolution  


                   a) In the event of dissolution, all Club property and assets will be dispersed in

                        its' entirety to a charitable organization after the payment of any debts

                        the Club has incurred.


                    b)  At no time will any member benefit financially from the Club's




                                              Article VII

                       Parliamentary Authority


Section 1.    These Bylaws contained herein were written based on Robert's Rules of

                        Order Simplified and Applied, Second Edition. The Club will at all times

                         abide by these Bylaws and when necessary refer to Robert's Rule of Order

                         Simplified and Applied, Second Edition (or current edition thereof) to

                         conduct, maintain, revise and/or update the Club's Bylaws.