The following are a few of our own "Dragons Fire".


¨     Leave it Home. We get together to ride, have fun and make friends with women who understand what riding is all about. Leave your attitudes and issues at home.

¨     Get a Grip.  An organization operates effectively when there are guidelines for people to follow. Don't want to abide by a set of guidelines? Then don't waste our time or yours.

¨     Be Responsible and Considerate.  For yourself, your bike and fellow Club members. Don't keep us waiting -  take care of your bike and yourself. Be a responsible adult. It is not that difficult.

¨     Participate.  Want to get the most from the Club? Roll up your sleeves and get involved. We already have enough responsibilities with work and family. We don't need or want to take care of anyone else.

¨     Be Safe.  Like to speed? Take it to the track or ride alone. It's dangerous enough out there.

¨     Pay Your Dues on Time.  Dues assist the Club to subsidize meeting place rent, parties etc... We're not going to beg.

¨     Got a Legitimate Concern?  Contact the Sargent at Arms for a resolution. Aunt Fester and Aunt Whinny are not Club members.

¨     Keep it Legal.   No weapons. No Drugs. You get the picture. There are no second chances here.

¨     Respect .  Our differences make us unique and interesting people. Motorcycling is what brings us together. Don't disrespect the Club or its' members while wearing Club colors/clothing. That makes it difficult for the rest of us and in turn we will make it difficult for you.

¨     Drama is for TV.  If we want drama we go to the movies, watch TV or read a book. Drama queens need not apply.